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By the time the sun touched the grass
beneath my back where I lay
beside my wife and son who seemed
to be breathing a fog of breath
I thought hung above each mouth
I knew I had died and was dead
though thinking through where I was
as if the thinking could bring me
where death is not an is
instead of where I found myself
watching my wife and son without
seeing them beside me on the ground
but knowing they were there
breathing as I was the air above
the mouths there and perhaps thinking
as I was thinking to keep myself here
where I could not be dead could not be
dead could not be anything but alive
and tracking the sun coming over the trees
even though the moon had not moved
and my wife my son and I were growing
into the grass beneath us and the moon
does not care about the bodies there
in that field on the earth at dawn
the moon cannot see and if the moon
could see it still would not care

By Brian Henry
Recipient of the 2006 Carole Weinstein Poetry Prize

Reprinted by permission of Ahsahta Press
from Quarantine by Brian Henry.
Copyright © 2002 by Brian Henry.

© 2006 Carole Weinstein. All rights reserved.